The Third Lesson My Entrepreneurship Taught My Kids: – Teach your kids to keep their childhood excitement – it will lead them to their dream careers.

Kimmy Schwimmy

Hi guys!

Lora, Joey, Heidi and I are PUMPED to share our Productive Play Results with you 🙂

And this next interview is SUPER COOL!!!

Joey and Heid’s third entrepreneurial interview video features special Guest, Kimmy Shwimmy!

Kimmy Schwimmy is the creator of a children’s pre-school music enhancement curriculum program, using over 60 original test focused songs.

Kimmy nurtured and grew her process very slowly over the course of 8 years, bringing every one of her songs into preschools in NYC and NJ.

Working with literally every demographic of children including special needs children, Kimmy also developed props and incorporated puppets and other ancillaries to add to the musical canvas making the learning experience tactile and therefore more engaging.

The songs themselves are catchy and full of imagination and possibilities for stage performances and television interstitial videos as well as a written treatment for a children’s television show.

In Joey and Heidi’s interview with Kimmy Shwimmy, you’ll absolutely find your own inspiration through Kimmy’s energy, and the insightful questions Joey and Heidi explore with Kimmy!

And most exciting, you will discover the #3 Lesson My Entrepreneurship Taught My Kids!

Enjoy This Entrepreneurial Interview by Joey & Heidi, with Guest Kimmy Schwimmy 🙂

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Joey and Heidi have had SO MUCH FUN conducting these entrepreneurial videos…but even cooler?!? So did their special guests!

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