The Fourth Lesson My Entrepreneurship Taught My Kids: – The more you empower others, the more you will be empowered.

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Hi guys!

Lora, Joey, Heidi and I are PUMPED to share our Productive Play Results with you 🙂

And this next interview is SUPER COOL!!!

Joey and Heidi’s fourth entrepreneurial interview video guest stars the co-creators of an amazing entrepreneurial success story, brothers Michael and Marc Guberti.

Michael and Marc are New York City based, teenaged brothers, whose brainchild, Teenager Entrepreneur, “educates and empowers teenagers worldwide to take their passions and convert them into products.

They’ve even partnered with various corporations and business owners to host the Youth Empowerment Camp at Fordham University, already in its third year!

Joey and Heidi really enjoyed getting to know Michael and Marc – it was a great experience to connect with fellow young entrepreneurs.

This special conversation with Michael and Marc Guberti helped Joey and Heidi discover the #4 Lesson My Entrepreneurship Taught My Kids, and you can check it out here!

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Joey and Heidi have had SO MUCH FUN conducting these entrepreneurial videos…but even cooler?!? So did their special guests!

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