Video Training: Crushing Conformity, Launching Your Child’s Entrepreneurial Mindset


Society succeeds through conformity, but Conformity Crushes Creativity.

We will help you teach your kids the life skills they need so they’re prepared for anything.



The world is dominated by a scarcity mindset.  Fear of change, fear of loss, the fear that our best is behind us.

Is this the way you want to raise your kids?

We sure didn’t.  So we decide to do something about it.

Imagine if you could teach your kids to protect and leverage their creativity into adulthood?

Your kids would explore their own passions sooner than most.

They’re confidence would grow as they create experiences that gain attention and positive feedback.

They’ll have a strong sense of “who they want to be when they grow up” and can create a plan to get there.

And you will overflow with pride for the life skills you have helped them develop.

Time’s running out, join us in learning how your kids can crush conformity and launch their entrepreneurial mindset.

The best time to start is right now 🙂


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