Crush Conformity, Launch Your Child’s Entrepreneurial Mindset


Like your kids, Joey and Heidi are naturally inquisitive and creative, they feel like the sky’s the limit in their everyday thinking and lives.

They’re on fire to solve problems, to step up to challenges and they’re already developing the skills to overcome them, because the trouble-shooting and creativity they’re learning in their entrepreneurship has shown them ways to deal with life’s challenges.

Entrepreneurship builds resiliency, independent thinking, and self-reliance.

Your kids already have what it takes to imagine, and to dream…so what can you do to help them get a head start on these other life skills too?

Do you remember when after work meant just that work was over so there was time for play?

Do you remember when the weekend meant what kind of family adventure should we go on?  As a family?

Do you remember when you thought you would do everything together and then you found out that you needed two cars and two adults going their separate ways just to get through the evening commitments?!?

Do you remember when kids asked, “Why is the sky blue?”, instead of asking, “What if they don’t pick me?”, “What if i don’t come in #1?”, “What if i’m the only one that doesn’t show up?” ?

What happens when your kids get caught up in the conformity crush…so eager to fit in they don’t even remember why they wanted in, in the first place?

Its time to take back your life, your familys lives, their hopes and their dreams.  Positivity, self awareness, excitement, enthusiam, fun and love – its all there  We just forgot how to get there.

Today I’m going to show you the 3 simple steps that will completely change your family and your life virtually overnight.

Please share your thoughts and comments below with us and our community.  We love hearing from you and will definitely get right back to you if you have any questions 🙂

Fueling Growth,

Joe, Lora, Joey & Heidi

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