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Joey Hudicka

Joey Hudicka

Joey began his entrepreneurial career when he was 5 years old.  By age 9, Joey created two mobile apps and achieved sales and downloads in more than 60 countries. He has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, and Parents Magazine and he’s only 15!

Heidi Hudicka

Heidi Hudicka

Heidi began her entrepreneurial career when she was just 4 years old, designing her own fashion clothing line for her 18” dolls.  By 5 years old, Heidi wrote her first book.  Today Heidi is Productive Play’s Chief Fun Officer, combining her love of fashion with her love of play, to make sure everything we create is fun!  And now Heidi’s launched her special mission to save the bees at just 10 years old, check her out on Facebook @universematters!

Joe and Lora Hudicka

Lora & Joe Hudicka

Lora & Joe are Joey and Heidi’s top employees (and their parents).  Today, Lora and Joe use their vast history of business experience as well their status as thought leaders as award-winning speakers and published authors. They transform that experience into learning that kids can leverage, today and forever!

When Joey and Heidi were little, we always explored their “when I grow up” dreams through inspired family-fun time, which we called entrepreneurial family adventures.  However, when Joey and Heidi would try to share their incredible experiences and results with other children, they discovered a problem…most kids just don’t have the same entrepreneurial learning so early in life.

So one day during our drive home from school, Joey and Heidi raised the magical question, “What could we do to help more families have great entrepreneurial family adventures, like us?”

The answer was right in front of us. Joey had already created many successful strategy games, so we game-ified entrepreneurial learning!

Together, we founded Productive Play, LLC to provide fun, educational games like Launch!, books like The Original Young Entrepreneur’s Dictionary and other resources that help families have amazing family time, while unleashing their entrepreneurial super powers: creativity, confidence, communication, and collaboration.

Today, this family team teaches families around the world that we can all benefit from an entrepreneurial mindset, no matter what we choose to do in life.  And now you can nurture your child’s entrepreneurial mindset and help them spark their future, today!

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